We’re in the local paper

Today the Halstead Gazette ran an article about the Yoga Cabin.  The article and pictures are below along with the link to the original online article.

A DEVOTED husband managed to build an entire yoga cabin for his wife single-handedly after he was handed free time due to Covid-19.

Geraint Nicholas, 45, from Gosfield, was left wondering how to spend his downtime when Covid-19 reduced his working hours.

After deciding to replace his home’s tired greenhouse and aviary with a shed, it soon ballooned into an audacious project.

He decided to build his wife, Melissa, 46, who is a yoga teacher, a new studio in the garden where she can teach her lessons.

With a budget of £12,000 and after laying the foundations, Geraint was handed a week off work as an IT manager.

The challenge was set as Geraint single-handedly, due to social distancing, built the cabin from the ground up.

He said: “That week saw the barren hole in the ground develop a floor, four walls and on the last two days, a roof.

“This came complete with a topping off ceremony with help from my five-year-old son, Toby.

“It was a week of getting up at 6am, bacon sandwich and work until 7pm or 8pm, fall into bed exhausted and repeat.


“It was hard work; it took an hour every morning before my limbs started working as usual but it was immensely satisfying.

“I have never built anything more complex than a log shed so this really was a step into the unknown.

“I wanted to keep the cabin as eco-friendly as time and budget allowed.”

“Windows and insulation are as efficient as possible. LED lighting and heat source pumps for heating.”

While the interior isn’t yet finished, Geraint still has some budget remaining and has plans to upgrade the cabin further with smart technology.

So proud he is of his achievement, he hopes to enter the cabin into the 2021 Shed of the Year.

Geraint’s wife can’t wait to see the final result.

He added: “She’s absolutely over the moon with it and she can’t wait for me to finish.

“She’s cracking the whip now because she’s itching to be able to get in there.”