It’s about calming the mind

True yoga isn’t about flexibility it’s about calming the mind in preparation for meditation. Flexibility is a result with regular practice, you know all of this Mel, the fact that you are a superb teacher and you are aware of the correct and safe alignment to guide your students in the postures is EVERYTHING that knowledge doesn’t happen over night. You came here because you have a gift and this is it you are awesome xxx



Helping my pain

I started doing the online pilates and yoga classes after suffering from joint pain for the past few years. The classes at the Yoga Cabin are massively helping with the pain, they give me the challenge I need and also some much needed me time. Definetely feel like I’m getting stronger too so thank you Mel.

I was lucky enough to visit the Yoga Cabin last week for a one to one pilates session and it was amazing! The cabin provides a relaxing, tranquil environment and I found the one to one session so beneficial. Mel explained everything to me fully and the session was completely tailored to my needs. I cannot wait for my next session and to also start enjoying the weekly yoga and pilates classes in the cabin. Would highly recommend Mel and the Yoga Cabin to anyone.


Thank you

Thank you for welcoming me to your class this evening. Thoroughly enjoyed a really strenuous workout, and thank you for the encouragement. I managed more than I thought I would be able to, not having done any yoga for a couple of years. Despite being the only male in the class you made me feel very comfortable. Looking forward to the next class.


My very first Yoga session

“I very much enjoyed my very first Yoga session EVER with Mel at The Yoga Cabin.

The class was not only a great workout for the body and mind but was also good fun.  I slept like a log the evening of the session – a rare occurrence for me.  Would definitely recommend “


All about you and your goals

Mel has a teaching style that you rarely find. Mel makes your class all about you and your goals. Knowing when to encourage and when to push is a skill and this ability combined with a lot of knowledge means Mel’s classes are challenging, achieve results and are fun! I have been taught by Mel on-line and face to face and I find both very effective.